[webkit-dev] platform-specific differences in test case inputs

Alec Flett alecflett at chromium.org
Tue Sep 18 12:19:01 PDT 2012

Background: some of the storage systems use SerializedScriptValue to
persist structured-clonable objects (
- most of this is implemented in a V8 or JSC-specific implementation of

I'm adding tests for the actual values stored with SerializedScriptValue so
that we can move forward with serialization changes without breaking
backwards compatibility.

So many of my js tests boil down to:

testSerialization({}, [0x01ff, 0x003f, 0x7b6f, 0x0000]);

Which makes sure that these two representations are equivalent by going in
both directions.

The issue I'm hitting is that JSC has a different implementation with a
different storage format, and the serialization/deserialization between the
two storage formats is not compatible - the above code works great on V8
but JSC uses different bytes.

I can't address this with just expectations files (i.e. only check that {}
serializes to some byte array, and have different expectations depending on
the port) because I need to check that specific inputs (such as old
V8-based formats) can also deserialize back into the right native objects.

What I kind of want is something like:

#ifdef JSC
<script src="serialized_script_tests_jsc.js"> </script>

#ifdef V8
<script src="serialized_script_tests_v8.js"> </script>

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