[webkit-dev] Pre-proposal: Adding a Coverity instance for WebKIt

James Hawkins jhawkins at chromium.org
Mon Sep 17 16:11:22 PDT 2012

Hey folks,

TL;DR - If you have opinions one way or another about having a Coverity
instance available for WebKit developers, please respond to this message.

Coverity is a static analysis tool [1] which scans source code and reports
defects in the code.  We've been using Coverity to find defects in Chrome
for a while now, and though there is sometimes a bit of subjectivity
involved in the defect types (e.g. whether a return value should be
checked), the signal is generally high.

Off the top of my head, the following are the defects I spend most of my
time fixing:
* Uninitialized variables (including member variables).
  - Chrome has had at least 4 crash fixes in the past few months due to
this defect (which were caught by Coverity).
* Passing large parameters by value.
  - Generally a trivial fix.  I don't have performance data to say what
affect fixing these hash, but 'death by a thousand cuts' eh?
* Forward/Reverse/I - Nulls.
  - Coverity is very good at understanding when a value is NULL and the
tool will tell you which code paths are using a NULL value.
* Tons of security issue-causing defects.

I'd like to propose adding a Coverity instance for the WebKit community,
but I want to make sure there's general support before writing up the
detailed proposal.

A few details:
* Google will front the cost of the license (non-zero...very far from zero)
and the infrastructure.
* I'd leave it up to the WebKit leadership to decide who has access (most
likely limited to WebKit committers for security purposes).

The biggest rationale is to provide a strong defect signal for the entire
WebKit community, which would directly impact the success of all
WebKit-based projects.  Coverity has provided free licenses for unsponsored
(by larger corporations anyway) open-source projects; this has resulted in
significant improvements [2] to the code bases of these projects, one of
which I was directly involved with years ago (Wine).

Let me know if you love the idea or hate it.


[1] http://www.coverity.com/products/static-analysis.html
registration required now :(
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