[webkit-dev] Existing metrics for deprecated features

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Thu Sep 13 17:13:48 PDT 2012

In connection with the thread on webkitPostMessage, I took a look at
what sorts of metrics we have currently for depreciated features.  We
have high quality data for two groups of APIs:

For mutation events, we measure what percent of Documents have
listeners for various kinds of mutation events:

DOMAPI.PerDocumentMutationEventUsage.DOMCharacterDataModified: 2.85%
of all Documents
DOMAPI.PerDocumentMutationEventUsage.DOMNodeInserted: 4.78% of all Documents
0.21% of all Documents
DOMAPI.PerDocumentMutationEventUsage.DOMNodeRemoved: 0.07% of all Documents
0.0003% of all Documents
DOMAPI.PerDocumentMutationEventUsage.DOMSubtreeModified: 2.30% of all Documents

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