[webkit-dev] FYI: change to fake mouse events and hover updating during scroll

Ojan Vafai ojan at chromium.org
Wed Oct 24 09:03:47 PDT 2012

When you do a scroll, we fire fake mouse events and update hover state. We
currently try to throttle those events, but do very little throttling in

The patch below makes it so that we only fire a single set of fake mouse
events and only update the hover state once during a scroll. This behavior
matches Firefox and generally feels like a better user-experience to me.

In addition, this patch makes it so that we dynamically modify the
throttling rate (instead of hard-coded values) to workaround slow mouse
event handlers that make scrolling slow. In my local tests, this was a
clear win and the new code is only marginally more complicated than the old

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