[webkit-dev] Accessibility role naming - AXRole

Mateusz Leszko m.leszko at samsung.com
Tue Nov 20 09:53:52 PST 2012

Hello folks.

I was wondering why all accessibility roles in webkit are named 'AXRoles'
and why it is always expected to return role name with 'AX' prefix? Isn't it
strict MAC role naming? Some Layout Test for accessibility are wrong in my
opinion. e.g.:


"FAIL axElement.role should be AXRole: AXLink. Was AXRole: link."

"FAIL axElement.role should be AXRole: AXButton. Was AXRole: push button."

"FAIL axElement.role should be AXRole: AXCheckBox. Was AXRole: check box."

"FAIL axElement.role should be AXRole: AXRadioButton. Was AXRole: radio


Shouldn't it be PASS? Why expectation is role with 'AX' prefix? Those are
only from MAC port, aren't they? 


I hope you'll correct me if I'm missing something.


Mateusz Leszko


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