[webkit-dev] Porting WebKit To a new graphic backend.

Dominik Röttsches dominik.rottsches at intel.com
Thu Nov 15 05:24:57 PST 2012

On 11/14/2012 07:24 AM, ZhangJiPeng wrote:
> The idea came from an embedded browser development project. Benjamin I 
> want to porting WebKit to a new platform, the platform can only 
> provide video address programming interface. So I need to porting 
> DirectFB, Cairo, GTK and so on. However the hardware resources are 
> limited, can't running so much software, I need to find a more 
> lightweight and high quality solutions, so I develop the picasso 
> library. The same code base can run on different graphics system does 
> not depend on the features of graphic system, this is the goal of 
> Picasso.

To experiment with this, you could create your own git branch and try 
implementing a GraphicsContextPicasso (see 
Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/cairo | skia) - similar to 
GraphicsContextSkia and GraphicsContextCairo. Then you need to typedef 
the WebKit GraphicsContext to the Picasso graphics context and instruct 
your browser app to do all WebKit rendering into the Picasso 

Gettings simple web pages to render with a new backend, somewhat close 
to the other backends might not even take that long. However, getting 
every detail right, like layers with opacity, rounded corners, correct 
clipping, full SVG support etc. is a rahter large amount of work.



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