[webkit-dev] RenderArena: Teaching an old dog new tricks

Elliott Sprehn esprehn at chromium.org
Thu Nov 15 00:34:15 PST 2012

On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 3:22 AM, Chris Evans <cevans at chromium.org> wrote:

>> ...
> My read on the Arena is that it's fragmentation resistant (i.e. it will
> not repurpose a larger free chunk to satisfy a smaller allocation.)
> However, memory usage at any given time is defined by peak usage since it
> cannot release pages back to the system without ruining its security
> guarantee. Interestingly, it can't be super bad: we already bite this
> bullet for RenderArena as used by RenderObjects. The RenderArena lifetime
> is the same as the document / DOM and I was surprised to recently be told
> that we don't throw away the RenderArena on a full layout.
My understanding is that the render tree is rather small compared to the
DOM in terms of memory usage on most pages so not releasing it may not be
so bad, but never releasing the memory used from DOM nodes seems like it'd
be bad for large web apps.

- E
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