[webkit-dev] Easing printf based debugging in WebKit with an helper.

Rafael Brandao rafael.lobo at openbossa.org
Fri Nov 9 06:18:11 PST 2012

I've just submitted a patch for this issue (bug
I'm also a shameless printfer and I believe the project could benefit with
such debugging helpers.
I've decided to isolate the debug definitions in a single place, so instead
of adding alien code on IntRect to teach him how to debug, they're all in
DebugHelpers.cpp/.h. This code is also protected by ENABLE(DEBUG_HELPERS)
so people could keep things untouched if they want to.

Instead of putting it in WTF like the original proposal, I've put into
WebCore. The reasoning behind it was a cyclic dependency over
WTF and WebCore that would be introduced if I've tried to isolate things in
a single place in WTF (for example, there in WTF I would need to include
WebCore's IntRect, which is most likely wrong).


Rafael Brandao @ INdT
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