[webkit-dev] …Inlines.h vs …InlineMethods.h

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Mon Nov 5 20:58:12 PST 2012

> In other words, Foo.h declaring class Foo can focus on interface over implementation, even with a few short inline methods defined within the class or right after it -- but larger inlines may be required for performance, and their bodies can easily depend on headers not properly part of Foo.h-as-interface, which should therefore not "bootleg" along via nested #includes. Whereas FooInlines.h can nest its implementation dependencies freely.

Maybe we should amend again:

(2) Adopt the convention that the following functions got into "*Inlines.h":
	(2a) Functions that cause circular header dependencies
	(2b) Functions that cause a header to #include another header that clients would not otherwise #include

An example of (2a): JSValue::toWTFStringInline().

An example of (2b): Node::renderStyle().


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