[webkit-dev] …Inlines.h vs …InlineMethods.h

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Mon Nov 5 16:02:05 PST 2012

> The proposed design requires adding a FooInlines.h include to source files that use that function, when any function moves into FooInlines.h. This can happen any time a function is made inline or when a short inline function gets longer.

You convinced me; I hadn't considered this burden.

Le me amend:

> (2) Adopt the convention that any class using "*Inlines.h" defines all inline functions defined out-of-line in "*Inlines.h"


(2) Adopt the convention that nothing goes into "*Inlines.h" by default, and functions are added on demand as we discover functions that cause compile failures or long compile times.


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