[webkit-dev] build.webkit.org down for upgrade

Osztrogonac Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Thu May 31 03:32:34 PDT 2012

Lucas Forschler írta:
> to 0.8.6p1
> Will be back online when complete.
> Lucas

Hi All,

Unfortunately there are too annoying bugs introduced
with upgrading build master to 0.8.6p1 :

Problem 1
Builders are alphabetically ordered on http://build.webkit.org/waterfall
instead of the given order in our config.json.

"Builders are no longer displayed in the order they were configured. This was never
intended behavior, and will become impossible in the distributed architecture planned
for Buildbot-0.9.x. As of 0.8.6p1, builders are sorted naturally: lexically, but with
numeric segments sorted numerically."

I think the new alphabetical order is so confusing. For example Apple's Lion bots
are between GTK and Qt bots, but SnowLeopard bots are after the Qt bots. I know
that we can see category=AppleMac, category=Qt, ... , but the order of the bots
in a given category is important for us too.  I don't think that an artifical
renaming would be a good solution to get the order what we want. (Because we
would have to rename bots in all scripts, we would have loose the history, ...)

What about if we revert the buildbot-0.8.6p1 change in buildmaster caused this bug/feature?
Here is a simple patch to do it:

diff --git a/buildbot-0.8.6p1/buildbot/status/master.py b/buildbot-0.8.6p1/buildbot/status/master.py
index e803133..e60ab06 100644
--- a/buildbot-0.8.6p1/buildbot/status/master.py
+++ b/buildbot-0.8.6p1/buildbot/status/master.py
@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ class Status(config.ReconfigurableServiceMixin, service.MultiService):

      def getBuilderNames(self, categories=None):
          if categories == None:
-            return util.naturalSort(self.botmaster.builderNames) # don't let them break it
+            return self.botmaster.builderNames # don't let them break it

          l = []
          # respect addition order
@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ class Status(config.ReconfigurableServiceMixin, service.MultiService):
              bldr = self.botmaster.builders[name]
              if bldr.config.category in categories:
-        return util.naturalSort(l)
+        return l

      def getBuilder(self, name):

Problem 2
There isn't force build possibility anymore.

"Forced builds now require that a ForceScheduler be defined in the Buildbot configuration."

It can be solved simple with adding ForceScheduler. I'm going
to file a bug report and prepare a patch to fix it soon.


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