[webkit-dev] Cannot get the debug output by DbgView

Horky horky at sina.com
Mon May 21 21:17:44 PDT 2012

The root cause is the IsDebuggerPresent() disabled the debug message in 
vprintf_stderr_common() function.

/Thu May 17 20:04:23 PDT 2012/:

I enabled the debug output on Windows for WebCore, OutputDebugStringA is called to show the message. The output message can be displayed in Visual Studio Debugger, but DbgView only can see one debug message about the application name.

If I add one debug message in Page constructor, it can be captured by DbgView as below:
[6048] MiniBrowser.exe

It cannot work if I move the debug message in FrameLoader operations. I doubts the debug message was redirected after one special operation. Who knows detail about it?

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