[webkit-dev] Simplifying syntax in test_expectations.txt (bug 86691)

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Thu May 17 01:06:03 PDT 2012

On May 16, 2012, at 10:39 PM, Dirk Pranke <dpranke at chromium.org> wrote:

> There was a semi-logical basis, in that the stuff on the right of the
> test clearly specified the outcome of the test (PASS, IMAGE, TEXT,
> etc.). The stuff on the left was less well defined: there's the bug
> numbers, the platform/configuration info (MAC LINUX RELEASE, etc.),
> and some other stuff that there is less of a good place for (SLOW,
> I think it makes sense to syntactically separate at least the
> platform/configuration keywords from the outcome keywords. It might be
> nice to separate the other things somehow as well, but I don't have
> any great ideas for things that are clearly better than the existing
> left/right convention.

SKIP and WONTFIX seem parallel to PASS to me. I assume TEXT means a failure of text output and IMAGE means a pixel test failure? In that case those are parallel too.

What does the build configuration info do? Does it apply the line to only those configurations? If that is the case, it does seem potentially different in kind, though maybe also better expressed by being able to combine multiple test_expectations files fro different platform/ directories.

 - Maciej

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