[webkit-dev] WebKit-Windows build with VS2008

M Rahaman mrahaman at innominds.com
Tue Mar 27 04:44:55 PDT 2012

Hi All,


When I build WebKit code for Windows using VS2008, there are several issues
I am facing

1.       We need to re-generate the webkit.sln file with VS2008

2.       VS2008 has strict warning checking, because all the .vcproj has
"Treat warning as errors", the compilation fails. So the work around is to
modify the .vcproj file & to disable ""Treat warning as errors",

3.       We also need to change Tools/Scripts/parallelcl to provide correct
path for cl.exe (while building from Cygwin)


So, I just want to know if other people working on Windows port also facing
the same issue. It becomes even more problematic when I am updating my code
& I get svn conflict in my .vcproj files etc. because of #2 above.

If everyone is facing the same issue, may be it is a better idea to commit
this patch with the constraint that we will no more support VS2005. Want to
know other's opinion on this..




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