[webkit-dev] static build JavaScriptCore

Jacob Beard jbeard4 at cs.mcgill.ca
Tue Mar 13 19:19:34 PDT 2012


I'm doing performance testing research of various JavaScript
interpreters on a cluster of old Fedora machines. node/v8, rhino, and
spidermonkey shells all work fine on these machines, but jsc, which I
have been able to build on my recent Ubuntu box, is missing a shared
library dependency (libicu). I was able to build an old version of
JavaScriptCore from the source rpm in the Fedora repository, but it's
fairly old, and crashes a lot. I'd therefore like to create a static
build of a recent jsc on a newer machine, with all dependent libraries
compiled in, so that I can then run a recent jsc on the old cluster

I'm wondering if there's a straightforward way to create a static
build of jsc so that I can run jsc on these old machines, which do not
have the same libraries as the machine on which jsc was built?

I'd appreciate any guidance anyone can offer. Thanks,


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