[webkit-dev] Error while building on Mac SL 10.6.6

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Fri Mar 2 16:03:37 PST 2012

On 2012-03-02, at 15:44, Vivek Galatage <vivekgalatage at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Webkit,
> I am trying to build nightly snapshot @rev r109209 on mac SL 10.6.6 with xcode 3.2.6 installed. 
> But when I issue build-webkit from command line I am running into various errors. I am attaching the log file containing the error messages.
> So any idea how to resolve this error and get the builds working?

webkit-dev isn't the best place to ask for help with building. I believe that webkit-help takes that role.

That said, it's not too surprising that you're running in to troubles when building with such an old version of Xcode. We typically recommend that people use Xcode 4.2.1 on SnowLeopard for WebKit development.  With older versions of Xcode we'll fall back to using older compilers (GCC 4.2 rather than Clang, for instance) and those older compilers aren't tested by our build bots or most developers.

- Mark

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