[webkit-dev] svn.webkit.org

Osztrogonac Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Thu Mar 1 03:37:47 PST 2012

Hi All,

To avoid overloading svn.webkit.org again and again with zillion svn
checkout after "rm -rf"-ed working copies on the bots, I stopped all
of our clobbered buildbot.

After unbanning our network, I'll copy a locally tar-ed WebKit-svn
copy to all bots and then restart them one by one not to overload

And I'm thinking about how can we make buildbots more robust in the future.
My first idea is that we should setup git mirrors for all WebKit port, and
then make buildbots use these mirrors instead of svn.webkit.org. To do it,
we need to modify the master.cfg a little bit.

class Factory(factory.BuildFactory):
     def __init__(self, platform, configuration, architectures, buildOnly, features=None, **kwargs):
         self.addStep(ConfigureBuild, platform=platform, configuration=configuration, architecture=" ".join(architectures), buildOnly=buildOnly, features=features)

To migrate the bots simple from svn to git isn't a good solution, because in this case
we'll loose the svn revision number on the waterfall. My idea is that replace the
"self.addStep(CheckOutSource)" to calling a shell/perl/python script which updates
the local copy from the Qt/GTK/Apple/Chromium/... git mirror with the following way:
- git fetch
- git reset --hard `git svn find-rev r<svn-revision-number-got-from-the-master>`

I'm going to implement this initial git updater script this week and try to migrate our
bots on build.webkit.sed.hu to use it. If we manage to make it stable, we can make
build.webkit.org slaves to use it too. How does it sound? Any better idea?


Osztrogonac Csaba írta:
> It seems Qt bots and developers are banned from svn.webkit.org. :(((
> Could you remove network from the ban list, please?

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