[webkit-dev] Time out issue (>30s) of WebKit layout test [Mac OS]

Horky Chen horky at sina.com
Thu Jun 28 23:57:38 PDT 2012


On Mac OS, if one time-out larger than 30s would be used, --time-out-ms cannot work well.

According to the run-webkit-tests script, custom Time-Out can be assigned for each test case. But, unfortunately, below line in LayoutTestControllerMac.mm blocked the setting if it is larger than 30s (waitUntilDone & notifyDone are used):
    static const CFTimeInterval waitToDumpWatchdogInterval = 30.0;

That is hard code, and no parameter can be accepted to adjust it. There are two time-out settings for one test case, is it possible to use common time-out setting? 

Would you please help to double check about it? 

Best Regards!
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