[webkit-dev] Configuring for Clang

Mark Gilbert webkit at gallery.co.uk
Wed Jun 27 01:52:49 PDT 2012

Hi Folks.

I have been trying for weeks to build WebKit in 32-bit.

My system is a MacMini Server with 10.7.4 and latest XCode.  

I update via SVN then use build-webkit.  This creates a good working 64bit version.

However, when I use build-webkit --32-bit or   build-webkit ARCHS="i386 x86_64" ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=NO   I get various build failures which generally seem related to 32bit truncation of 64bit values.

The folks who have responded to my bug report suggest this is because my system uses GCC when running build-webkit instead of clang.

I wondered if someone could provide instructions on configuring this machine to use clang instead when running build-webkit.



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