[webkit-dev] New Feature Flag Proposal: TIME_INPUT_FIELDS

Yoshifumi Inoue yosin at google.com
Tue Jun 26 20:47:26 PDT 2012

Hi WebKit!

I would like to notify adding new feature flag ENABLE_TIME_INPUT_FIELDS.

This flag will enable multiple fields input UI for input type "time".

Looking is as same as input type "number" (including spin button), but each
time component, hour, minute, second, millisecond, period(AM/PM), is fixed
and handles keyboard input as overwriting rather than inserting, like Mac
OSX's DateTime control.

This feature will be enable for desktop version of Chrome (== excluding

This flag also introduce following class and functions:
* DateTimeFormat class
* localizedDecimalSeparator()
* localizedTimeFormat()
* localizedShortTimeFormat()
* DateTimeFIeldElement (for shadow DOM)
* DateTimeEditElement (for shadow DOM)

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