[webkit-dev] [PATCH] Errors from "build-webkit --debug --minimal"

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Tue Jun 26 12:05:43 PDT 2012

This is the wrong mailing list to discuss this kind of issue. On this list we discuss contributions to the WebKit project and collaborate on WebKit development. If you want to build WebKit and do not intend to contribute patches, you can ask questions on the webkit-help mailing list as described here <http://www.webkit.org/contact.html>, or elsewhere.

As far as configurations go, despite having some configuration options in the build scripts for convenience of the people working on the project, the contributors to the WebKit project do not intend to support arbitrary combinations of configuration options for WebKit users, even though I’m sure that would be handy. Generally we have a configuration for each port that is tested, and don’t spend our time on the additional work that would be needed to support the other combinations of options and keep them working.

-- Darin

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