[webkit-dev] Proposal to add 'compile-tools' step to the build bots

Lucas Forschler lforschler at apple.com
Tue Jun 19 13:33:16 PDT 2012

Hello all,

Currently our build bots have a compile-webkit step.  This step does NOT build any of the tools used by the testers.  Instead, the testers are building the tools at execution time.  

I would like to add a compile-tools step to run directly after the compile-webkit step.  The tools components would be packaged up into the archive, and then downloaded by the test bots for execution.  This will allow us to catch any breaks in the tools in the compile phase rather than the test phase.

I plan to add this to build.webkit.org and will send a patch out for review.  Please let me know if you have any interest or concerns in  the implementation.


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