[webkit-dev] paged media update?

Milian Wolff milian.wolff at kdab.com
Wed Jun 6 02:51:55 PDT 2012

Hey Dave,

thanks for the information (and sorry for not answering sooner).

Do you have any (rough) ETA on when the required refactorings are going to 
land in WebKit trunk? Is there maybe a way for me to stay notificated about 
updates, i.e. some bug report used to track the refactoring? If possible, I 
would really like to get an estimate on when one could theoretically start 
hacking on paged media module support.


On Wednesday 16 May 2012 14:25:20 David Hyatt wrote:
> The difficulty with implementing paged media right now is that I'm beginning
> work on re-architecting pagination to unify columns, pages and regions. You
> can see the beginnings of this with the new multi-column classes that have
> been added to the tree.
> The basic idea is that multi-column layout is being separated from
> RenderBlock and moved to a subclass, RenderMultiColumnBlock. Similar to how
> regions work, the content is represented by a flow thread and by regions
> that the flow thread is placed into. In order to avoid creating thousands
> of regions for columns, I've introduced the concept of a "region set",
> i.e., RenderMultiColumnSet.
> Pages ultimately need to be rebuilt to work the same way, i.e., to have a
> RenderPageFlowThread and a RenderPageSet. Once we have actual renderers
> that represent these objects, it will be a lot easier to make real boxes
> for things like margins, headers, footers, etc. The idea is that a set
> represents a contiguous run of objects that can all be rendered
> identically. If you're forced to have a different kind of object, e.g., a
> page with a different width/height or different style, then you break up
> the RenderPageSet and have multiple sets for each (this is similar to how
> regions work by default, although I hope to apply the same optimization to
> regions eventually as well if runs of same width/height regions are
> detected that are also siblings in the render tree).
> dave
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