[webkit-dev] Question related to license in WK2 EFL port

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Wed Jul 25 23:23:42 PDT 2012

There’s some specific policy about this that’s displayed in bugs.webkit.org when you attach a patch for review:

> Hello and thank you for contributing a patch. Here is our licensing policy and terms for contributing code to the WebKit project.
> 	• If you are sending in a patch to existing WebKit code, you agree by clicking below that your changes are licensed under the existing license terms of the file you are modifying (i.e., BSD license or GNU Lesser General Public License v.2.1, LGPL v. 2.1). Please also add your copyright (name and year) to the relevant files for changes that are more than 10 lines of code.
> 	• If you are sending in a new file for inclusion in WebKit (no code copied from another source), the preferred license is BSD, but LGPL 2.1 is an option as well. Please include your copyright (name and year) and license preference (BSD or LGPL 2.1). By clicking below you agree that your file is licensed under either the BSD license or LGPL 2.1, as indicated in your file.
> 	• If you aren't the author of the patch, you agree to include the original copyright notices and licensing terms with it, to the extent that they exist. If there wasn't a copyright notice or license, please make a note of it. Generally we can only take in patches that are BSD- or LGPL-licensed in order to maintain license compatibility within the project.

Note that it’s specifically LGPL 2.1. Other versions of LGPL are likely to be unacceptable.

-- Darin

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