[webkit-dev] WEBKITOUTPUTDIR documentation

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubo at profusion.mobi
Tue Jan 17 07:00:29 PST 2012

Seo Sanghyeon <sanxiyn at gmail.com> writes:

> Building WebKit document at http://www.webkit.org/building/build.html
> seems to suggest that WEBKITOUTPUTDIR only works on Windows,
> but this is not the case.
> Current wording doesn't tell how to customize build location on non-Mac
> and non-Windows platforms.
> Can someone reword this?

The website code is part of the SVN tree; you can also do that and
submit a patch via bugs.webkit.org if you feel like doing so.

Raphael Kubo da Costa
ProFUSION embedded systems

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