[webkit-dev] build-webkit --maximal?

Hajime Morrita morrita at chromium.org
Sun Feb 26 16:03:04 PST 2012

Hi Ashod,

On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 5:38 PM, Ashod Nakashian
<ashodnakashian at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Webkit-dev,
> We have --minimal to disable all optional features, but what about enabling
> everything?
> The use-case I have in mind is build sanity checking, where one might need
> to make sure no change broke code under a feature flag. Or may be that's
> something done by the build server or some other way I'm ignorant of?

For some features, each port needs to provide its port-dependent part
to make them work. And filling such gaps isn't a trivial work.

I guess Mac port plus Chromium port provide pretty good coverage
though. If you have a Mac-based box, you can build both on the same
machine. You can "build-webkit" for  building Mac port and
"build-webkit --chromium" followed by "update-webkit-chromium" for
building Chromium port.

Also, a large part of build breakages comes from port specific bits
which need certain setup to build. So hypothetical "--maximum" flag
won't rescue anyway. That's why we have EWS bots on the Bugzilla.


for Apple
> If not, I'm suggesting adding such a flag (perhaps called something else)
> that may be used to enable all flags (valid on the given platform).
> -Ash
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