[webkit-dev] WebKit modularization

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Fri Feb 24 09:57:07 PST 2012

22.02.2012, в 22:08, Kentaro Hara написал(а):

> TL;DR: We are starting WebKit modularization. Self-contained features
> like WebAudio, WebSocket, IndexedDB, File APIs ...etc will be moved
> from WebCore/ to WebCore/Modules/.

Looking at patches that are actually getting landed, they go far beyond this idea. See e.g. bug 79436 - "Move HTML-related APIs from DOMWindow.idl to DOMWindowHTML.idl". How is HTML a self-contained feature?

I see a lot of downside in such refactoring, and don't really see any benefit:

1) It gets very hard to navigate source code, as you never know where a given function is. You can't find it, you can't see if it's even there without a full code search.
2) The division lines are very arbitrary. For example, bug 79434 moved "XML-related" APIs to a separate file, including window.XMLDocument, which is as core to DOM as it gets.
3) The moves don't respect original licenses - e.g. DOMWindowXML.idl is LGPL, while DOMWindow.idl is BSD.
4) More files means longer build times.

I think that most of the patches landed under this umbrella should be reconsidered, and most immediately those that had license wrong.

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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