[webkit-dev] Web Inspector tests for DOM node highlights

Max Vujovic mvujovic at adobe.com
Wed Feb 22 11:10:39 PST 2012


I was wondering if there are any Web Inspector tests that check the
appearance, size, or position of a DOM node highlight. By DOM node
highlight, I mean the translucent margin box, border box, padding box, and
content box combination that WebKit draws over a DOM node when you inspect

I need to write a test for a bug to check the size and position of the DOM
node highlight for an SVG root element, and I've been searching for a
similar test to imitate. I'd like to query the size and position of the
DOM node highlight from JavaScript, but I'm not sure that information is
exposed. I could probably do a pixel test if this isn't currently
possible, but I was wondering if there's a better way. (The bug I'm
working on is: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78037).

Max Vujovic

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