[webkit-dev] Subpixel Layout Update

Dirk Schulze dschulze at adobe.com
Sat Feb 18 21:44:52 PST 2012

Hi Emil and Levi,

I have a question to sub pixels from the SVG point of view.

Right now a lot of content on renderers and also in RenderStyle uses LayoutPoint, LayoutSize, LayoutRect, Length… and so on. How would LayoutUnit deal with SVG's "float system"? Your Wiki says that SVG's float system stays unchanged. I assume that you mean that the source code of the SVG implementation will stay float based and not move to LayoutUnit. Is that correct?

So my question is, if we use code of renderers or RenderStyle that would work on LayoutUnits, would we still be confronted with rounding to fixed point units? Or can LayoutUnit deal floats than? In SVG we would still like to have float based results, not rounded to fixed point, even if it is better than integer. This would be interesting for supporting 'transform-origin' and other CSS features in SVG. Maybe it is just a misunderstanding from me. Thanks for any clarification.


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