[webkit-dev] optimizing browser handling of Facebook Timeline scrolling

Steven Young styoung.bills at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 10:25:42 PST 2012

If anyone needs a test page, you can log in as my test user
styoung.travel at gmail.com (pwd:browsertest). Then go to

> you could maintain a separate document for measuring items, so you could measure without reflowing the main document.

We are actually already doing that. Kelly Norton suggested offline to
me that the problem could be "layout thrash" caused by us doing
interleaved dom reads/writes (one for each story) as opposed to a
series of reads followed by a series of writes. That sounds right to

>>> (2) 50% of time spent painting images... This is a simple speed vs quality tradeoff. If you down-sampled the images on the server, they'd download and paint much faster.

Thanks. Downsampling sounds like a straightforward solution. We can
show the higher quality image if they open the photo.

Btw, what tool are you using that tells you what item is being
repainted when the cpu is pegged?

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