[webkit-dev] ninja build available for chromium/mac, empty builds up to 20x as fast

Nico Weber thakis at chromium.org
Tue Feb 7 13:42:11 PST 2012


we recently made the webkit/chromium/mac port buildable with ninja, a
new build system focused on build speed
(http://martine.github.com/ninja/). I don't have any numbers for
webkit standalone builds, but in a chromium checkout ninja is 20x as
fast as make on empty builds (1s instead of 20s), and 120x as fast as

Giving it a try is easy:

  Tools/Scrips/update-webkit --chromium --ninja
  Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --chromium

The output will appear in out/Release (or out/Debug if you do a debug build).


ps: If anybody is doing standalone webkit/chromium/linux builds: It's
very easy to make that work with ninja, too.
pps: Build perf numbers for make vs ninja for chromium builds:

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