[webkit-dev] JavaScriptCore Garbage Collector Invocation

Ashod Nakashian ashodnakashian at yahoo.com
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> For x86 the gain is about 300 ms 
> For ARM(embedded) core getting around 150 ms.

I have interest in profiling JSCore. Would you share your testbed/benchmark and methodology for the benefit of the community? It'd be useful for everyone to review/reproduce your results as well as improve on them, if possible.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I'm relatively new as well and just starting active participation. I'm trying to collect as much info on the workflow and dev. methodology as I become more involved.

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I have been trying to optimize or somehow control the invocation of the Java Script Core's Garbage Collector by changing certain values like the highWaterMark and minBytesPerCycle of Heap.cpp. By default the value of minBytesPerCycle is 512 KB, but when i change it to 2 MB i found some performance gain in SunSpider.
For x86 the gain is about 300 ms 
For ARM(embedded) core getting around 150 ms.

Is there any side affect with the changes i have made with minBytesPerCycle from 512KB to 2 MB?

Is there any other i can optimize the performance or control the invocation of GC?

Note: I am new to Webkit so my understanding of the whole flow is not clear, so if anyone can guide it would be of great help.


Harendra Chawla

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