[webkit-dev] Deep copy of the page with it's JS context

Николай Матюнин matyunin.n at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 11:03:27 PST 2012

Dear WebKit developers!

I need your help (or just some advice).
Currently I use WebKit (actually phantom.JS, which is based on the WebKit)
as an instrument to research and develop the effective methods of ajax
web-applications crawling (just for academic purposes).

So, during the crawling, the application changes it's state after some
event was fired by the crawler. Then crawler should* go back to the
previous state*, to fire another event (and to get one more possible
state), and so on.

Thus, I'd like to have the possibility to make a deep copy of the page
current state, including not only DOM tree copy, but also entire JavaScript
context of the page.
I have successfully (to a certain degree) achieved this goal with HtmlUnit
and Rhino JS engine, but Rhino is not supported in any real modern browser,
so I want to use WebKit (and JavaScriptCore or V8 JS engine).

Can I achieve this goal with WebKit? Is it possible technically? (As I see,
this "hack" was not supposed by design, most classes in source code are not
copyable and so on). Which classes I should consider first?
Maybe, it's better (and more simply) to use V8 engine (than JSC) to achieve
this goal?

Thanks a lot!
Nikolay Matyunin.
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