[webkit-dev] Changes to DOM related exceptions

Erik Arvidsson arv at chromium.org
Wed Dec 5 12:38:13 PST 2012

To clarify.

I intend to make changes to WebKit to align our code with the latest
specs where possible.

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 3:29 PM, Erik Arvidsson <arv at chromium.org> wrote:
> The specs for DOM related exceptions has changed a bit over the last
> few years. These changes have been made to simplify things, both for
> end users and implementers. Fortunately for the spec writers no two
> browsers agreed on the behavior, so end users could not depend on the
> details of the old specs. Unfortunately for us, we implemented things
> according to the old spec.
> So what changed? A lot of the new specs just throw DOMExceptions
> (instead of more specialized exceptions like RangeException). Also,
> new error types have a "code" property of 0.
> What might break? Code that does instanceof checks or accesses removed
> exception constructors.
> This should be a low risk since, like previously mentioned this never
> worked cross browser. For Apple dashboard widgets, this should still
> be a safe change since checking the type of an exception is hardly
> ever done (we don't even have tests covering this).
> --
> erik


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