[webkit-dev] Is the New XMLParser dead?

David Hyatt hyatt at apple.com
Wed Aug 29 12:22:55 PDT 2012

On Aug 27, 2012, at 7:17 PM, Adam Barth wrote:

> My position is simple: the code is broken and unused.  As a general
> rule, we shouldn't keep broken, unused code in the tree for extended
> periods of time.  Therefore, we should remove it.

I agree with Adam. We should aggressively cull dead code from the tree. It's the only way to keep things tidy. "I may get back to it at some point in the future" is a fine statement, but without any firm commitment, it seems best to just remove the code from the tree for now. If and when someone steps up to actually work on it again, it shouldn't be much work to bring the code back to life. Forcing everyone else to deal with code that may or may not ever be returned to in the meantime isn't really fair to the rest of the project.

(hyatt at apple.com)

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