[webkit-dev] Subpixel layout - requesting help for big rebaseline

Žan Doberšek zandobersek at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 05:32:13 PDT 2012

Perhaps one option of doing such a huge rebaseline might be the following:
1. Get the bots for the affected port into a green state.
2. Add temporary expectations for every LayoutTests/ subdirectory and
perhaps for subdirectories of LayoutTests/fast, LayoutTests/svg and
LayoutTests/editing as well[1]. This way the test runs wouldn't be exiting
early due to too many test failures (though this might occur when removing
expectation for just one subdirectory, for instance LayoutTests/tables).
3. Land the patch at the start of the daily period in which commit
frequency is low (probably before the PST morning). This will ensure no
actual regressions originating from other commits would get rebaselined or
cause problems (crashes, for instance).
4. Remove expectations for subdirectories one by one, letting the bots to
perform one cycle and report any failures in that subdirectory, and use the
tools to perform the rebaseline.

But it's still a huge task, especially for chromium as there are at least
three flavors of the port that would require special attention. These bots
are also running pixel tests, so there'll be large patches committed that
AFAIK used to cause problems (for instance the Git tree went out of sync).

[1] In Chromium's case, it would help to get the JSON output of the test
run with the rounding patch applied just to know where to expect failures
and how many of them. This would also help to better specify
directory-specific expectations.

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 1:13 PM, Dominik Röttsches <
dominik.rottsches at intel.com> wrote:

>  Hi Chromium folks,
> Levi and Emil did a great job in implementing SubPixel Layout. I was
> looking into enabling it on WebKit EFL.
> Unfortunately, the initial rebaseline for EFL would be huge. That's why I
> hesitated to enable it right away. Instead I started looking into what the
> reasons are.
> I found one case where rounding should be added, here's my patch:
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=89572
> Landing this makes the rebaselining efforts for ports enabling subpixel
> layout smaller, so IMHO it'd accelerate adoption.
> On the other hand, landing this patch requires a rebaselining for Chromium
> in the area of several thousand testcases.
> I do feel the pain there. So I'd appreciate your help for getting this one
> landed. According to their comments on bugzilla, Emil and Levi approve the
> change.
> Thanks,
> Dominik
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