[webkit-dev] V8 binding explained

Kentaro Hara haraken at chromium.org
Thu Aug 9 17:26:52 PDT 2012

# Please skip this message if you are not interested in (V8) binding.

For WebKit developers, I documented how V8 binding works. I added the
slide to the WebKit trac wiki.

Slide: https://docs.google.com/a/chromium.org/presentation/d/1OFG81taxgjOGU43sv9WHvPZkt5--KnM6gSijWN8NMcU/edit?disco=AAAAAECHbXY#slide=id.p

- Basics of WebKit bindings
- Web IDL
- V8 APIs
- Wrapper objects and DOM objects
- Garbage collection
- Isolate (Worker), IsolatedWorld (Chrome extension) and Context (global object)

Kentaro Hara, Tokyo, Japan (http://haraken.info)

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