[webkit-dev] Best way to skip whole directories of layout tests

Xianzhu Wang wangxianzhu at chromium.org
Thu Aug 9 15:40:29 PDT 2012


I want to skip several whole directories for chromium-android because of
the related features are not available. For example, plugin/.

1. Add the following line in platform/chromium/TestExpectations:

This works for most of the tests except for some tests that have
expectation rules like:
BUGWK60822 : plugins/get-url-with-javascript-url.html = TIMEOUT

I must change the above line to
BUGWK60822 LINUX WIN MAC : plugins/get-url-with-javascript-url.html =
to get it skipped on chromium-android, but this need to change many lines
and I think this would also increase the cost of maintenance.

2. Override Port.skipped_layout_tests() to return the list of skipped
directories. This works well but there seems no other ports doing in this

3. Override or change Port._missing_symbol_to_skipped_tests(). However, it
looks no obvious advantage than 2, given that we don't have a build
configuration to include the features for now.

I would use 1 if there was a way to force skipping of a whole directory, or
use 2 if no objections.

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