[webkit-dev] Question about Floating-point operations base SH4 JIT

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Wed Aug 1 23:47:30 PDT 2012


I have test with follow case, and cann't get correct reslut. I find that Floating-point operations  is error, and I don't know where shold start to fixed this question. so if anybody can give some information for which function i should to check. 

Any help explaining this would be much appreciated!

My Compiler:MSVS



Javascript code of test case

function jitTestCode() {

  var tmp = -1*0;

  debug("tmp:" + tmp); 

  var result = tmp + 1;

  debug("The result should be 1,result:" + result);   //print

  var item1 =  result - 1;

  debug("The item1 should be 0,item1:" + item1); //print

  var item2 =  result - 2;

  debug("The item2 should be -1,item2:" + item2); //print



And the log information are:

[CONSOLE-DEBUG]Message is :'tmp:0'

[CONSOLE-DEBUG]Message is :'The result should be 1,result:0.0078125'

[CONSOLE-DEBUG]Message is :'The item1 should be 0,item1:0'

[CONSOLE-DEBUG]Message is :'The item2 should be -1,item2:-0.0078125'


BGs/Felix Shi

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