[webkit-dev] Double-Resolution (Retina) Images - Re: -webkit-image-set

Edward O'Connor eoconnor at apple.com
Mon Apr 23 15:41:53 PDT 2012

Hi Tom,

You wrote:

> I am seeking feedback for my (hopefully relatively painless in
> practice compared to the alternatives - i.e. -webkit-image-set and
> html5 <image>) proposal to solve the problem of 2x-res (double-
> resolution) images with our current HTML and CSS standards for devices
> with high-resolution displays, such as 3rd Generation iPads and 4th
> generation iPhones and newer.

webkit-dev probably isn't the best place to design new Web-facing
features; in particular, there is ongoing work on this problem space in
the CSS WG, the WHATWG, and elsewhere. See for instance the threads
starting here


and here


Anybody is welcome to contribute to www-style and the whatwg list.


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