[webkit-dev] Where to call Codeblock::dump from within webcore

Paul Sery pgsery at swcp.com
Fri Apr 20 16:55:47 PDT 2012

On 04/20/2012 08:25 AM, Andy Wingo wrote:
> On Wed 18 Apr 2012 21:28, pgsery<pgsery at swcp.com>  writes:
>> I want to call CodeBlock::dump from webcore in addition to the jsc
>> shell. I've compiled webkit-1.6.1 with the --enable-debug option,
>> modified dump to print to a file, instead of stdout, and set
>> options.dump=true. This works from the shell, but now I need to find
>> where to call dump from within webkit.
> If I understand you correctly, call
> ByteCompiler::setDumpsGeneratedCode(true).  Note that in the latest
> nightlies, this is available in regular builds.
> Andy
Yes, that's what I want to do. I'm calling setDumpsGeneratedCode(true) 
from main in jsc.cpp to force the dump from the shell without using the 
"-d" option. However, I also want to force webkit to use this option 
without having to set it in the shell. For instance, I'm using the 
python bindings in pywebkit to use webkit and would like (I think) to 
embed setDumpsGeneratedCode(true) in the appropriate fn in 
libjavascriptcoregtk or libwebkitgtk. Or perhaps I've missed a way of 
using an API call or some other way.

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