[webkit-dev] Eliminate potential null pointer dereference?

David Levin levin at google.com
Thu Apr 19 23:11:48 PDT 2012

I think this all started with a lot of effort put into fixing an issue
reported by a user where they said "the most popular online forum in
Malaysia is broken." Then folks had to do a lot of builds (bisecting) to
track down where the problem was introduced. Then they had to figure out
what had broken, etc.

It was mentioned (by groby at chromium.org) that this very issue had already
been flagged by own internal runs of coverity on chromium (including
webkit). Now, it seemed a shame that we knew about issues in WebKit and
were just ignoring them. It would be nice to be able to catch these issues
faster rather than wait for a user to report it, etc. which makes the
expense overall go up.

So I believe there has been some effort invested in fixing some issues
pointed out by coverity which is what these changes are and I believe
coverity is mentioned in other changes of this sort.

I understand the other side as well that it would be good to figure out if
it is really an issue and find a test to prove it. I guess this is more of
what I think of as a BSD type of approach. It seems to be an area where
reasonable people can disagree.

oth, regarding the style of this particular change, I find it unusual as

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