[webkit-dev] gardening status (mac10.5 build slave needs clobber)

Takashi Toyoshima toyoshim at google.com
Thu Apr 19 04:38:58 PDT 2012

Hi, I did WebKit roll to 114621 now.
This will be my last roll today (and of this my gardening cycle).

many webgl related layout tests failed, then I reverted a chromium side change.
It will fix failures, but you might see failures for a while because
of delayed test results.

svg/as-image/img-preserveAspectRatio-support-1.html was already rebaselined.
It will disappear from garden-o-matic soon.

In chromium waterfall, Mac 10.5 slave builder is missing.
I filed a ticket to clobber this, but I guess it's still have a problem.

Takashi Toyoshima
Software Engineer, Google

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