[webkit-dev] Marquee as overflow property's value

Chris Hutten-Czapski chutten at rim.com
Tue Apr 10 05:59:06 PDT 2012

I think it might be because marquee is non-compliant HTML.

To my knowledge, WebKit only supports marquee in a best-effort capacity for compatibility with old pages. It is only reasonable to expect that, until (or unless, since the module's been in CR since 2008) the CSS Marquees module matures, support (especially interactions with other properties) would be spotty.

I recommend not using non-standard html elements. Step 1 of your course of action should be to remove the marquee element from the page and re-examine why you think you needed it. If you still have a use case for distracting, scrolling text, consider using javascript to gain the control you require.

Or you could switch to the blink tag. That'd be hella  fly.


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Dear WebKit team,

Could someone please elicit as to why marquee is added as one of the overflow style property's value?

[See: RenderStyleConstants.h]
enum EOverflow {

Because of this, while setting the style properties for a marquee element with overflow property specified, the value for the overflow property is overridden by that value (i.e. either hidden, scroll, visible or auto) and is thus never set as "marquee".
Thus in the current scenario, for a marquee element with overflow specified, RenderMarquee is never created.

Thanks in advance.


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