[webkit-dev] Following up on removing -khtml- and -apple- CSS vendor prefixes

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Thu Apr 5 09:21:15 PDT 2012

05.04.2012, в 01:08, Adam Barth написал(а):

> Based on this information, I've posted a patch that limits the -apple-
> and -khtml- vendor prefixes to ENABLE(DASHBOARD_SUPPORT):
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83256
> This approach lets ports that wish to remain compatible with Dashboard
> widgets continue to support these prefixes while also letting ports
> that aren't constrained by dashboard widgets disable them, hopefully
> lessening their use on the broader web.

Guarding on ENABLE(DASHBOARD_SUPPORT) will make it so that these names will be available in Safari on Mac, in every Mac application that uses WebKit, but not in Safari on Windows or iOS, and not in other WebKit based browsers such as Chrome. I don't think that this level of fragmentation is good.

We normally guard Dashboard-only quirks with settings->usesDashboardBackwardCompatibilityMode().

Due to high potential of site breakage, this seems worth a separate setting with pre-made plumbing for site-specific quirks, so that ports seeing release blocking regressions on important sites wouldn't have to undo this change entirely.

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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