[webkit-dev] On touch based device touch/click response looks a bit flaky

Arko Saha nghq36 at motorola.com
Thu Sep 15 23:56:17 PDT 2011

My observation is "on touch based device touch/click response looks a bit
flaky"(if we put a plain webkit build on the touch device, say GTK port).

Some time we want to click a smaller link without doing zoom-in the webpage
on touched based device. In this situation the hit test does not return a
clickable node hence the click does not work(some times trigger the click
event to a wrong link which we can not fix) , but user feels that he already
clicked and device is not responding. Does any body has some thought on
improving this responsiveness , say ex. "by having multiple hit test on
surrounding area to find the nearest clickable element,if hit test fails
first time."

Also I have checked on FireFox plugin which does similar thing with some
magic numbers. here is the link for the same:

Any Thoughts/Suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
Arko Saha
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