[webkit-dev] Contributor list (was: Do you maintain OS(WINCE)?)

Leandro Pereira leandro at profusion.mobi
Wed Sep 14 10:36:56 PDT 2011


On 09/13/2011 07:06 PM, Ryosuke Niwa wrote:
> Yeah, they're outdated to say the least.  Can we merge those two lists?
>   I think we can move information inside committers.py into a JSON file
> and load it automatically on the wiki.

I don't know how to add arbitrary HTML on a wiki page, but I made a page 
that loads loads committers.py and presents it in a web-friendly way:


With filtering by port or area of expertise this can be quite handy. 
Thoughts on how this could be improved? Specially if it can be kept up 
to date without too much work.


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