[webkit-dev] Hyphenation in webkit

Dan Bernstein mitz at apple.com
Wed Sep 7 09:38:38 PDT 2011

On Sep 7, 2011, at 2:28 AM, Sireesha Janakiraman wrote:

> Hello,
> I tried hyphenation test files in webkit. 
> a)'http://trac.webkit.org/browser/trunk/LayoutTests/fast/text/hyphens.html' 
> b) http://trac.webkit.org/browser/trunk/LayoutTests/fast/text/hyphenate-character.html  via GtkLauncher in webkitgtk1.5.2
> I don't see hyphenation results. I tried setting locale to english and verified my system locale is same as set in -webkit-locale.
> Is hyphenation working in latest build?

The implementation of canHyphenate() in Hyphenation.cpp returns false. A port needs to provide alternate implementations of canHyphenate() and lastHyphenLocation() for hyphenation to work.
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