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Soheil Servati Beiragh sservati at yahoo.com
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I think my issue some kind of lack of knowledge in C++. I'm trying to redesign the the text placement engine in webkit. For my purpose I need to get access to font face which is stored in the place I mentioned. I know that they are private but I want to read them, and I know it is possible to do so.
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What are you trying to do here? Clearly, all member variables are private here so you shouldn't be accessing directly by "m_fontlist.m_ptr->m_cachePrimarySimpleFontData->m_platformData.m_face".

I don't know much about the rendering engine but perhaps other contributors can help you out if you give us more context in which you're trying to do this.

- Ryosuke

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Soheil Servati Beiragh <sservati at yahoo.com> wrote:

In RenderBlockLineLayout.cpp, I'm trying to read face of the font from pointer to a structure named f below:
>RenderText* t = toRenderText(o);
>const Font& f = t->style(firstLine)->font();
>the data I need exist in:
>I have tried all the ways I could think of but either I got errors when adding headers to the above file or couldn't read the face value or the m_ptr being private.
>Can you please show me a way to reach there? It might be my lack of knowledge of C++
>Soheil Servati Beiragh
>PhD Candidate, ECE Department,
>Research Center for Integrated Microsystems,
>University of Windsor.
>Room 268 Essex Hall
>401 Sunset Avenue
>Windsor, Ontario
>Canada, N9B 3P4
>Phone: 519-253-3000 Ext 3396
>Email: servati at uwindsor.ca
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