[webkit-dev] Reg: Full-width space character rendering

just2 contribute just2contribute at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 01:44:49 PDT 2011


On seeing some of the bugs on Text component, I came across one bug;

So for this bug, can we midify the WTF code for the function;

static inline bool isSpaceOrNewline(UChar c)

   - like; this is checking whether it is an ASCII space or a Unicode space
   (using the ICU function for directionality information) in the conditional

Hence can we just have a check for this full-width charatcter before this
conditional statement as follows;

if (c == 0x3000)
return false;

which will basically return false from there itself, interpreting it as
non-white space character, which is the way I feel bcoz U+3000 (full-width
space) should not be considered for any whitespace/newline procerssing as
per its properties I guess.

Does this impact any thing else, bcoz I could see this WTF:: String function
being used in a number of places, especially in rendering, loader etc?

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